Turnkey VoIP solutions

SavyTel provides complete turnkey VoIP solutions, including consultation, planning, hardware/software, and integration and testing. We will recommend solutions that provide the best values for your organization based on your present and projected future needs as well as your existing infrastructure. In many cases, your existing communication infrastructure can be re-used. The initial consultation is free and without obligation. So please contact us to inquire about our solutions.


SavyTel’s solutions are completely scalable and can start small to meet your present telephone need. As your VoIP need grows with time, we can add more components and capacity incrementally to meet additional capacity. With this approach, you don't have to tie up your current financial resources for the planned future capacity.


Cut your global telephone bill with our business rates

International calls via our VoIP network provides a large saving compared to the rates charged by the traditional telephone companies. In addition, we have a special rate for our business customers. Overall, you will be surprised with the saving on your long-distance or international calls.

Use of your existing infrastructure

Most of businesses today already have LAN network(s) connected to the Internet. Our solutions can be implemented immediately on top of this Internet infrastructure without incurring an additional expense.

Adapting for businesses of all sizes

Due to the scalability of our products and technology, our solutions can cater to businesses of all sizes, large and small. No potential business customers are too small for us. In fact, our solution can grow with you and you can start small with us. As you become more satisfied with the saving and the quality, you can add more VoIP capacity.

SavyTel's Broadband VoIP expands your business presence

SavyTel Broadband Voice service provides you with a telephone presence in the form of a local telephone number in a given geographical area (city or business area). All calls to that local phone number will be routed via SavyTel VoIP network to you, saving the cost of a long distance phone. For example, your main business operation is located in Miami and you want to have a business presence in a California area with area code 213. With SavyTel’s Broadband VoIP, you can have a phone number with area code 213; let's say 213 333-3333. All the calls originating from the 213 area code to this number will be routed from the 213 area code region to you in Miami as a local call.