Direct Routing

SavyTel has partnered with the largest carriers in the world to ensure that calls destined for their network need no middle men. Removing intermediaries means more reliable, less expensive service.

Private Communications

Communications delivered over the public internet are left exposed to malicious actors, a non-issue on the private SavyTel network. You can also apply end-to-end TLS and SRTP/ZRTP encryption, so calls are secure.

Termination Backed

SavyTel’s global outbound calling service offers the best in quality voice. Under the hood is a private MPLS backbone and Tier-1 interconnects at major hubs around the world. Our network ensures that calls stay off the public internet for as long as possible, which means a better overall call experience for you and your users.

An International Carrier at Unbeatable Prices

With SavyTel, call whomever and wherever you need, in any country. We offer flexible pricing: Pay a simple flat rate, or we can apply tariffed billing by rate deck. Regardless, SavyTel is interconnected to Tier-1 carriers, which means we cut out the intermediaries that inflate our competitors’ prices.


Outbound Profiles

Create specific outbound profiles and tagging to segregate traffic for multi-tenancy control.

Unlimited Concurrency

Scale international calling with no limitations and restrictions so you don’t have to worry about capacity.

Tier-1 Interconnects

Tier-1 partners around the world to ensure that mission-critical voice calls are delivered every time.

Enhanced Security

End-to-end TLS and SRTP/ZRTP encryption over fast, private connections.

SIP Debugging

View call flows and filter by SIP codes so you can target and troubleshoot specific issues immediately.

A La Carte Pricing

Next-generation solutions at wholesale rates without getting locked into a contract.

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