SavyTel offers Domestic Direct Inward Dialing Numbers (DIDs) to our clients at a fraction of the cost in comparison to current market pricing. This will offer you the choice of giving your employees or sales reps their own phone number instead of tying them down to an extension. The advantage of having a private number is when it’s combined with a sip device the office number travels with the employee.

SavyTel also offers International Direct Inward Dialing Numbers (DIDs) so that your business can increase its international exposure, by making it easy for your business contacts to reach you. We do this by providing you with local virtual phone numbers to most cities across the globe, so that clients and business partners worldwide can call you with a number that is local to them. This will significantly reduce the overhead of your company, all the while keeping you reachable everywhere. No need to invest in an office abroad just to establish a presence by acquiring an international DID from SavyTel.


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