Unified Communications

Our advanced equipment allows us to offer Hosted IP PBX solutions over our carrier network, with detailed specs and features, almost anywhere in the world. Our investments in our network and equipment enable us to provide a whole gamut of hosted IP PBX services. Our ongoing research and development help us stay at the cutting edge of technology so that we can always offer you the highest quality, latest technology solutions. SavyTel provides a complete solution, including all hardware, software, consultation and integration services. We will recommend practical and affordable solutions that best fit your network and communications needs.

Corporate offices can easily communicate with branch offices all over the world regardless of their size and number of employees. SavyTel offers a wide range of hardware products that will fit any need. At SavyTel we have adopted the SIP technology that will allow us to provide Digital Voice quality.

Calling Card

We provide Calling Card platform applications to businesses as marketing tools to increase their bottom line. Promotional calling cards personalized in the business name is very effective to keeping customer loyalty.


SavyTel provides a flexible platform for providers to offer a variety of calling card and prepaid card applications, including a web-based customer service platform. SavyTel can also provide local access numbers as well as toll-free numbers in Canada and the United States as well as some International destinations.

Our solution includes a full functioning website that allows for customer signup and account management including reviewing call history.

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