Pinless Calling is a premium quality enhanced prepaid calling service for making international long distance calls. Unlike calling cards Pinless Calling users do not have to dial 10 or 12 digit PINs every time they try to make a call. The caller just has to dial the access number followed by destination telephone number. It is that simple.

Customers can register multiple telephone numbers under the same account.

The advantages of Pinless Calling service are many compared to ordinary calling card service. Some of the important ones are mentioned below:

No need to enter PIN every time a caller attempts to make a call.

Unlike calling card service Pinless Calling service requires customers to maintain an account with our Service. This helps ensure total transparency of billing and charges accountability of our service towards our valued customers. Customers can monitor their call and recharge their accounts online. Balance of Pinless Calling accounts NEVER expire there is no connection fees or hidden cost.

By subscribing to our Pinless Calling service can be used from any land or cell phones and there is absolutely no need to change local telecom service carrier.

It is very easy to use, just follow the following steps:

-       Click here to Create an account and register your primary telephone number

-       Buy credits

-       Dial your local access number

-       Place your call

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